Press release : 3 avril 2023

The Serafin association, created in 2022, is continuing its development and reinforcing its action.  While the issue of deep energy renovation is stirring up the public debate, the  French third-party financing companies and their partners are already taking concrete action and are ready to further accelerate their impact in 2023.

Deep energy renovation :  third-party financing companies are taking the lead

Since 2014, when the first third-party financing company was created, the companies have enabled deep energy renovation of more than 10,000 homes. In 2022, their activity became even more intense, with nearly 23,000 audits carried out and renovation works undertaken on 4,670 homes, the majority of which are in co-ownership. The average cost of the works carried out is more than €58,000 per dwelling in single-family homes, and €20,000 per lot in condominiums.  These results and the growth observed for several years demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of the support model provided by the third-party financing companies.

Ready to accelerate

The SERAFIN association is ready to make an important contribution to scaling up deep energy renovations. However, the association notes that the “eco-PTZ” (the French ‘eco-zero interest loan’) and “Mon Accompagnateur Rénov” (‘My Renovation Support’), two important public schemes, are currently not completely open to third-party financing companies. Consequently, SERAFIN is asking for:

  • the extension of the distribution of eco-PTZs (individual and collective) to all third-party financing companies authorised by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) to make direct loans. Since 2020, an experiment open to two regions – Hauts-de-France and Ile-de-France – has been running with positive results since the eco-PTZs delivered by these companies represent a significant proportion of the loan volume distributed at national level. Opening up distribution to all third-party financing companies would make it possible to boost the distribution of eco-PTZs, an essential lever for financing the remaining costs of households in the context of deep energy renovation works;
  • the real opening of the “Mon accompagnateur Rénov'” programme to all third-party financing companies. The terms of application of the “Mon accompagnateur Rénov” scheme, defined in the decree of the application of article 164 of the Climate and Resilience law, prevent certain third-party financing companies from entering the scheme even though their current offer naturally fulfils its roles and missions.

These proposals are likely to increase the activities of third-party financing companies and thus make it possible to support more homeowners in their renovation works.

The Serafin association strengthens its Board to support the development of third-party financing companies

The members of the Serafin association have renewed its Board who will carry the voice of third-party financing companies and support their development. They have elected :

« The challenge for the future is to support all homeowners, who carry out renovation, in committing to deep energy renovation works. This is the objective of the third-party financing companies who have been able to develop client-orientated integrated offers over the last few years in constantly changing context. Tomorrow, we will be able to continue our development efforts and increase the number of deep energy renovations, provided that the new schemes are stable and that they really allow us to do so.»

Alice MORCRETTE, President of the association Serafin

To know more about the SERAFIN association

The Serafin association, launched in 2022, brings together third-party financing companies and their partners. Created on the initiative of local authorities, third-party financing companies assist individual homeowners and condominiums in their deep energy renovations. They offer integrated solutions, combining technical and financial aspects, in order to reduce the complexity of the renovation process and to make it accessible to all.

SERAFIN association members :

Regional Public Service for Energy Efficiency of the Hauts-de-France Region , Ile-de-France Energies, Bordeaux Métropole Energies,  Oktave (Grand Est region), Centre-Val de Loire Energies, Regional Energy & Climate Agency of the Occitanie region, Effinergie, Energies Demain and Pouget Consultants

Contact media:

Alice MORCRETTE : – 03 65 88 95 12