The SERAFIN network invites you to take part in debates on French and European public policies, local initiatives fostering ambitious and affordable energy renovation for all, and bank financing of this drive.

This is an opportunity for you to discover the local players and initiatives who support households in their ambitious renovation projects and facilitate access to financing at both national and European level.

As “MonAccompagnateurRénov’”, a French support scheme for home energy renovation, is being rolled out, we are celebrating the completion of the European ORFEE project, which led to the creation of the SERAFIN network and its standard reference system. Deployed by third-party financing companies in France, the scheme ensures the quality and compliance of high-performance renovations. 

We will take stock of innovations in financing and the role and initiatives of the banks. The day will also provide an opportunity to present the new European EU Peers project, which aims to develop a European community of practice for One-Stop Shops for home energy renovation.

Registration is free but mandatory. The number of seats is limited, you will shortly receive a confirmation of your registration.

Online participation (via webstreaming) is only available for interested participants not located in France. The event will be transmitted in English.


08:00 – 09:00 |  Welcome coffee


09:00 – 09:20 |  Start of the meeting

Representative of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council

Introduction: the challenges of energy-efficient home renovation in the EU plan for the green transition (Fit for 55)
Hadrien MICHEL, Policy Officer, European Commission

Overview of the day
Sébastien Descours, SERAFIN / Energies Demain / FIDEO – Energy Renovation Bank


09:20 – 10:20 |  Outlook for the SERAFIN network

Serafin network achievements and news in 2023
Alice Morcrette, President of SERAFIN and Managing Director of the Régie du SPEE – Hauts de France
The Serafin profile: public and semi-public support operators, serving households and condominiums, committed to the quality and performance of works.

The move to SERAFIN standards and quality control in 2024 and beyond
Alice Morcrette, Antoine Hervé (Pouget Consultants), Marie Gracia (Effinergie) and Florent Chatelain (Marsh)

SERAFIN network development in France
Alice Morcrette with Marie Pourchot (Energies Demain and SERAFIN) and local authority representatives

A look beyond 2024: EU Peers and the European community of practice for efficient renovation contractors
Jenny Claire Keilmann (Climate Alliance – EU Peers Coordinator) and Christophe Milin (Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency – CINEA)


10:20 – 10:30 | Interlude


10:30 – 12:00 | FIDEO project – the Energy Renovation Bank

Marjolaine Meynier Millefert – Member of Parliament – Vice-president of the Committee on Sustainable Development and Land Planning

FIDEO-BRE: a project selected by France 2030 ORENO call for projects
Françoise Réfabert (Energies Demain / Réseau SERAFIN)

FIDEO -BRE – discussion between partners
Pierre Lévi (Bordeaux Métropole Energies), Matthieu Flahaut (Oktave), Léo Miranda (La Nef), Philippe Weill (Société Générale), Claire Dagnogo (PROCIVIS), …


12:00 – 14:00 | Lunch


Room I: Grand Hall (FR)

14:00 – 15:30 

Presentation of the ADEME study on “Financing the home renovation of low-income homeowners”
Sarah Marquet (ADEME)

Round table discussion on the conditions for supporting vulnerable households and financing their renovation project
Moderator: Jennifer Daude (Energies Demain)
Participants: Gilles Berhault (Territoires Zéro Précarité Energétique), Franck Billeau (Eco Habitat), Cécile Guérin – Delaunay (Soliha), Martin Dassieu (Compagnons Bâtisseurs)


15:30 – 15:45 | Interlude


15:45 – 17:15

Developments in subsidised loans for deep energy renovations
Jonathan Cohen (Department of Housing, Town Planning and Landscapes – Ministry of Ecological Transition – Territorial Cohesion – Energy Transition)

Round table on combining performance guarantees and extended funding for housing renovations
Moderator: Philippe Weill (Société Générale)
Participants: Renocoop, SENOVA, Crédit Mutuel, CETELEM, …

Room II: upstairs amphitheatre

14:00 – 15:45 | Presentation of the implementation of oss in four european countries

Moderated by Jenny Claire Keilmann (Climate Alliance – EU Peers Coordinator)

Introduction & EU Peers Presentation
Jenny Claire Keilmann (Climate Alliance – EU Peers Coordinator)

Andiamo! Teaming upscale in Italy
ENEA et Piemonte

Who is an OSS here? The situation in Hungary

How OSS and IHRS are not the same in Spain?
Miguel Segovia (GBCE)

Ireland and the question of defining an One-Stop-Shop / Who’s in and who’s out in Ireland?


15:45 – 16:00 | Interlude


16:00 – 17:15

Overview of innovative financing solutions for energy renovation in Europe
Moderator: Alvaro Salamanca Alcazar (GNE Finance)


17:30 – 18:00  | CONCLUSION (Main auditorium)

  • Christophe Milin (CINEA), Hacina Py (Societe Generale Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer), Alice Morcrette (SERAFIN), Françoise Réfabert (Energies Demain/SERAFIN)


This day is dedicated to :

    • operators in the public sector and the renovation industry, who help private individuals and condominiums to carry out high-performance renovations and adapt their homes to climate change;
    • the institutions that support them, at local, national and European level;
    •  banks and renovation financiers.


This one-day discussion on French and European public policies in favour of ambitious energy renovation will enable you to discover local initiatives and assess the work of third-party financing companies in relation to national public policies. It will also be an opportunity to discuss financing issues with French and European banks and financiers, and to find out about European initiatives to support households. 

You will meet representatives of support schemes for home renovation, initiatives aimed at vulnerable groups, directors of third-party financing companies and founding members of the SERAFIN network, representatives of local authorities involved in these local policy issues, networks working for sustainable buildings, government departments and agencies, partner banks in the FIDEO-Banque de la Rénovation project, etc.

You will also be able to get in touch with representatives of the European Commission responsible for implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, based on the ‘Energy Efficiency first’ principle, CINEA, the executive agency in charge of the LIFE programme, the European Investment Bank, European project leaders for Integrated Energy Renovation Services, etc.