Office for Renovations and Financing

for Energy Efficiency


Accelerating global & ambitious energy renovations

4 third-party financing companies

Four third-party financing companies are coming together to support and improve financing and technical assistance offers for energy renovations of individual houses and condominiums within the Grand-Est, Hauts-de-France, Ile-de-France and Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regions.

A 4-year project

The project has been developed by 11 partners, bringing a wealth of complementary knowledge on a wide variety of topics including: support for energy renovation projects, building ventilation and insulation, financing, legal expertise, construction insurance, and more.

A common goal

To set up a resource center (digital tools, methodologies, processes, etc.) for third-party financing companies to facilitate the financing of energy renovations and to strengthen the overall quality of renovations.

Our vision

On average, the built environment accounts for nearly 40% of the European Union’s final energy consumption and 36% of it’s greenhouse gas emissions.

As such, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 , the 2018 Building Renovation Plan set a target of 500,000 energy efficient home renovations per year in France. The State plans to have renovated 7 to 8 million poorly insulated homes (labels F and G of the Diagnosis of Energy Performance – “DPE”) by 2028.

Yet, 75% of individual home renovations do not have any impact on the energy performance of the building; only 5% of      renovations lead to an increase of two classes in terms of the building’s DPE energy label.According to the Energy Poverty Observatory (ONPE), 20% of French households are at risk of finding themelves within a situation of energy poverty


Energy renovation

There is a consensus that energy renovations offer substantial benefits to both homeowners and the planet, by:

  • Reducing energy bills, improving thermal and acoustic comfort, and preserving homeowners’ health
  • Limiting global warming by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

The launch of a high-performance renovation market will bring multiple actors together and optimise procedures for:

  • The companies and contractors carrying out the improvement works
  • Professionals who provide advice to individual and multifamily homeowners

Facilitate the financing of renovation works:

  • Third-party financing companies meet market needs through a financing offer that is integrated with technical assistance and quality assurance offers to support the performance of the work.